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Rocky Trip is a magical book, as it embodies the Patagonian magic…A part of this land is contained in the book, and the authors’ words and images marvellously describe its incredible beauty …Let them love this land as we have done, and give it the best of themselves, because it is a harsh, hard land, but not a ungrateful one” María Julia Alemán de Brand in the El Oeste newspaper. Esquel, December 11, 2004.


“From Wales to Patagonia – In Rocky Trip, Sergio Sepiurka and Jorge Miglioli explore the successful evolution of the Welsh Colony in Chubut. It is surely the most complete investigation that has been published on this matter.” From the La Nación newspaper Enfoques supplement. Buenos Aires, December 12, 2004.


“One does not come to conquer this land, but to live in it, to enjoy its freedom, and to better one’s livelihood…Patagonia is a good example of that rocky, hazardous trip; it is an extreme land.” Félix Luna at the presentation of Rocky Trip in Puerto Madryn – El Chubut newspaper, February 19, 2005.


“In Welsh Patagonia – Rocky Trip, a book with an audio CD, includes the images, words, and music of a community that made a harsh land theirs. The culture they brought along from Wales is still alive." cultural supplement of the Clarín newspaper. Buenos Aires, March 26, 2005.


"A unique blend of text and images makes this book an invaluable piece, which belongs in the most ambitious book collections. Owing to its excellent format, images, and contents Rocky Trip rises as a genuine ambassador of the culture and tourism in Chubut province” Carlos Dante Ferrari, lawyer and writer. Trelew, December 17, 2004.


British Embassy participated in International Book Fair in Buenos Aires

The British Embassy took part in the 31st International Book Fair held in Buenos Aires from 21 April to 9 May, 2005. Britain had its celebration day on Saturday 30 April. The programme of events started with the presentation of a book in the Leopoldo Lugones room, attended by Ambassador Dr. John Hughes and by the Argentine historian and journalist Félix Luna. The book was "Rocky Trip – the Route of the Welsh in Patagonia," written by Sergio Sepiurka and Jorge Miglioli, with a foreword by Dr. Luna.
As a Welshman, the Ambassador said, it was a privilege and a pleasure for him to attend the presentation of a book that explores the historic ties between Argentina and the United Kingdom through the Welsh immigration.

At Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan’s invitation, the Argentine Ambassador to the UK Federico Mirré made an official visit to Cardiff on May 23, 2005. /

In the spring of 1885, an expedition of thirty riders, led by Argentine Commander Luis Jorge Fontana,
crossed what is now the Province of Chubut from the town of Rawson on the Atlantic coast to the Andes
in the west. /

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