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This 345-page book by Sergio Sepiurka and Jorge Miglioli (authors of “La Trochita,” The Old Patagonian Express www.latrochita.com) is a fully illustrated, English-Spanish bilingual edition. It includes an audio CD with 14 tracks of beautiful choral music, poems, and historical accounts.

Rocky Trip was the name of a rough, steep section of the settlers’ road to the West. Today by-passed by a paved highway and almost forgotten, its name still holds a symbolic meaning, representing the hardships the Welsh colonists had to endure to achieve their cultural independence.

The first part, Camwy: A dream of freedom, describes the scenario that prompted the Welsh migration. It contains a short description of the Welsh culture, and stresses the fact that, rather than hoping to make a fortune, the Welsh came here to “make Patagonia”–and stay.

The second part, Dringo’r Andes, shows how the Welshexplored Patagoniaon horseback, or driving their wooden wagons and even primitive automobiles, many times following the native Tehuelche trails. It tells the story of the old pioneers and depicts legendary characters that seem out of a movie.

The third part, Cwm Hyfryd: Next to the Throne of the Clouds, describes the “Pleasant Valley” they found in the West. It tells about the spirit of cooperation among the colonists, and how they strived to integrate the whole of Patagonia, even after the borderline with Chile was drawn. It also addresses today’s relationship between the Welsh Colony and Wales, among whom the ties have notably strengthened in recent times, and tells about the increasing flow of Welsh tourists coming to visit Patagonia, a happy situation that offers a world of possibilities for cultural interchange.

The epilogue’s title, At Tales’ Camp, refers to a mythical place where the weary travellers used to stop and savour the stories of a yet little-known Patagonia. This final part of the book underlines the message these pioneers left us to love this land, and their lesson on how to build, explore, and integrate Patagonia, while working and singing in freedom. However, keeping in mind to make a stop, every now and then, at this mythical camp.